InstDayZ Update v1.3.7

  • Dear Players,

    we introduce:

    Our Secret AI Bunker!

    Where is it?

    - You will find a marker on the map (very inaccurate)

    - The Entry is hidden

    Which enemies can i find there?

    - Some modified Ai´s with better armor and weapons

    - One special Ai with a weapon like M300, M110, M98B, PKM etc

    Which loot can i find there?
    - Tier3, Tier4 (Airdrop and Tisy)
    - Weed
    - Codelock

    - MortarMix

    - Cement

    - Cement Mixer Kit
    - and a lot more

    Patches and Bugifxes

    - Fixed an "unlimited Money" Trader Bug

    - Fixed some prices at the Trader

    - Rebalanced HeliCrash Loot

    - Rebalanced Airdrop Loot

    - Rebalanced Tier4 / Tisy Loot

    Viele Grüße,

    Owner werden ist nicht schwer. Owner sein dagegen sehr.
    Denken ist harte Arbeit, weshalb sie auch nur von Wenigen ausgeübt wird.



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